10 Day Meditation Retreat, Spokane WA

May 2017

Linda Modero with Anna Delacroix and Bill Cooper

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Learning to Meditate:

The Art of Listening to Our World

August 25-26 2017


Linda Modaro and Bill Cooper


Peace and Spirituality Center
St. Mary-on-the-Lake
1655-1663 Killarney Way
Bellevue, WA 98004

Our intention for the day is to provide you with teachings and a meditative setting to support you in becoming more aware and compassionate towards yourself and others. There will be about 3-4 hours of meditation each day, with time for journaling, walking, and discussing the Dharma.

Our approach to meditation encourages the meditator to take a receptive “posture,” attitude, or mind state during much of our meditation (but you may practice the type of meditation that you feel is best for you). This receptive stance means that we start with awareness of where we are emotionally and physically—with whatever seems important or pressing.

In some ways this is ordinary and “unspiritual.” However, we encourage you to begin your meditation this way, by getting to know your experience, rather than learning a technique, such as following the breath, that will inevitably impose an experience on you.

We believe, for many people, a life that includes periods of recollective meditation can be a life with less distress, frustration or anger. And along with this, it is hoped, there will be an increase in other, more beneficial qualities such as patience, understanding and wisdom.

Our teachings are Buddhist in foundation, and they include contemporary ideas and suggestions for living today. We encourage you, whether you are beginner or experienced, to consider giving yourself these 1 or 2 days in which to rest, meditate and reflect on your life.

Each day will have opportunities for group discussion, dharma talks, and some individual interviews. Dialogue is an important part of this approach.

Periods of sitting will be 25-30 minutes, with short breaks afterwards for journaling, walking, meditation or rest.

Fee: $25-50 per day, primarily for facility and transportation costs

Donation for the teachers: Modest donations are greatly appreciated. There will be a dana basket.

Lunch: please bring a sack lunch and some snacks. We are adjacent to a spacious dining room. We will provide coffee, tea, water, crackers.

The temperature will probably vary, so you may want to bring a sweater, blanket and warm socks.

Please try to register by Aug. 19.

To Register: contact Bill Cooper to RSVP for 1 day or 2, or with questions: