About Bill Cooper


I believe Buddhist teachings and meditation practices can be highly useful in modern, daily life, and I’m dedicated to bringing these teachings to anyone who would like to learn them.

Going to the beginning of my Buddhist practice, I learned Buddhist meditation in 1981 under the guidance of Matsuoka, Roshi in Long Beach, California. He ordained me as a Zen priest in 1984, and I practiced in the Zen tradition for 30 years, also studying for several years with Jack Duffy, Joko Beck, and Robert Moore (Ji Bong) and their wonderful sanghas. I received Dharma Seal, authority to teach, from Matsuoka Roshi in July, 1992.

In 2010 I attended a retreat with Jason Siff, a Theravadin teacher. I felt a strong connection to several of Jason’s teachings, such as allowing thoughts, as well as emotions during meditation, and developing an explorative, gentle process towards all experiences we encounter in meditation.

I participated in the Skillful Meditation Teacher Training program for several years, and during that time I began teaching Recollective Awareness Meditation under the direction of Jason Siff and other senior teachers.

I am continuing my training with Linda Modaro, as well as the abbot and lay teachers at Atammayatarma Monastery in Woodinville, WA.

I am a licensed psychotherapist (LICSW), and counselor in Bellevue, Washington, where I’ve worked and lived for 20 years. Prior to returning to the Northwest, I worked in the Orange County Alcohol and Drug Program from 1988 to 1998  as a clinician and manager.