Still Sitting

Bellevue Dharma is continuing to meet online the first and third Tuesday of each month, 6:50pm, PDT. Contact Bill for link.

This time of year, the equinox, is considered a time of balance. Balance of light and dark, and hopefully a balance from extremes. Traditionally in Zen, this is a time to consider our Zen practice of the paramitas, delivering us to the other shore.

O-Higan, as this is known in Japanese Buddhism, is an auspicious time for coming together. Please join us March 26, 7:45am-12 noon for in-person Zazenkai.

Zazenkai Schedule 

8:45     Arrival and set up

9:00     Zazen

9:25     Walking meditation (kinhin)

9:30     Zazen 

10:00   Break, stretch

10:15   Zazen or kinhin

10:45   Prepare for service, stretch

10:55   Zen Service and Dharma discussion

11:30: Noble Silence ends. Set up for lunch and share a dish

12:00 Clean up

12:10 Four Bodhisattva Vows and goodbyes